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FREnergy Biogas Digester

Solabode Ltd has branched out into Bio-digester development, utilising IBC totes as vessels for digesters and using already available technology from China to compliment the system with bio-gas stoves, filters, pumps and gas bags, - these are the Puxin brand accessories.

These IBC tank digesters will be sold under the FREnergy brand with a full kit of Puxin accessories to implement your food waste to free cooking gas enterprise. A kitset option will be available so you can make your own digester from a locally sourced IBC tank.

A greenhouse kit for the IBC digesters enables digestion to continue through winter. This is made from twin wall polycarbonate sheeting, 6mm thick and provides an air gap between the sheet and the tank, and another air-gap within the sheeting. The clear colour allows almost full sunlight penetration through to the black tank for heating in the sun.

Also available for sale will be the Puxin PX 2.65 fabric digester / gas bag unit which will be packaged with a stove and all the accessories needed to set up your own free cooking gas system at home using kitchen food waste to fuel it.

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Puxin Biodigester Unpacking